Retail success - Powered by data. Driven by insights.

Turning big data into actionable business recommendations.

All of Your Data in One Place

By easily connecting to multiple data sources, Rubikloud is able to turn any retail business into a big data ready organization. We eliminate the need for multiple systems and data silos to have a comprehensive view of your company.

Real-time processing of primary data sources: e-commerce platform, end-user behaviour, marketing systems, CRM, and offline POS, all optimized for in-memory processing and faster modelling.

Recommendations to Drive Revenue

Our mission is to turn data into revenue. That means going a step beyond basic visualizations and reports and offering real-time actionable business recommendations. Our proprietary intelligence layer is designed to take your business to the next level.

Driven by our advanced machine learning algorithms we offer tangible recommendations around marketing, customer experience, product and price optimization.

Easy Installation

Our platform connects to most critical data buckets for retailers. We plug into your existing system and with a few easy steps our platform is ready to go.

Integrations with IBM Websphere, Magento, offline POS, and many others means a faster, hassle free installation.

Existing Integrations

We seamlessly integrate with multiple existing systems to get our platform up-and-running in record time. We effortlessly connect to your email marketing, e-commerce platforms, and even offline POS.

Rubikloud's JavaScript will collect data from 100% of your end users and report back detailed metrics and behavioural data on each visit.

See Rubikloud in Action!