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Everyone knows that some decisions turn out better than others. At Rubikloud, we believe intelligent decisions always turn out much better. We know that to make them requires accessing and using only the information that truly matters, which isn’t easy for everyone to do.

But our team is making this easier for retailers through artificial intelligence (AI). We’re able to do this because our Rubikrew has brought together a diverse group of highly intelligent, passionate, and hard-working characters who understand technology and retail.  In a world where differences are pushing people apart, our differences have brought us together.      

We are building a culture where brilliant engineers and professionals come together to solve problems that are difficult or too challenging for others.  Together we’re helping our clients to transform their businesses by simply making it easier to make better decisions more often.  


of our Rubikrew have confidence that the company embraces and respects individuals of all backgrounds


unique ethnic backgrounds in our Rubikrew


of our Rubikrew are female

Benefits of Joining Us

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Who Should Join Us

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Rubikloud is always on the lookout for individuals to join the Rubikrew that are intellectually curious, passionate, hard-working, and simply love what they do. We want to be introduced to team players that will showcase their skills, knowledge, and experience while continuing to learn and grow.

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  • Rubikloud was hands down an amazing co-op experience. I felt like a full time employee within the first weeks of working there and left with lifelong friendships. I learned valuable career skills thanks to the mentorship and guidance provided by the entire Rubikloud team. I truly felt valued and my work contributed to every team. I would highly recommend this placement to any student.

    - Mel Bray, 2017 Summer Intern

  • My summer at Rubikloud was one of my most memorable summers yet- mostly because the Rubikrew truly knows how to "work hard, play hard". As an HR intern, I learned an incredible amount about the field, and got to directly make an impact through my work- an opportunity that not all internships allow for. At the end of the day, what made my experience so rewarding was the people I was surrounded with. Every single person at Rubikloud, whether they are directly part of your team or not, is so enthusiastic in helping you grow both personally and professionally. With a fantastic learning experience and meeting my greatest mentors and friends (and bonding over the many work socials and events!!), my experience at Rubikloud is unparalleled.

    - Sara Lee, August 2016

  • As an intern at Rubikloud you will be surrounded by fantastic people. My internship at Rubikloud was fulfilling because I got to make a real impact on the product. The people there make you want to come into work everyday. Rubikloud means a great big group of really smart people who care a lot about what they do. It's a place where you will never be bored, and always feel that you are making an impact.
    In my time at Rubikloud there was lots of big data.

    - William Ginsberg, Intern 2016-2017

  • The biggest thing I admire about Rubikloud is the culture of learning it has. The people here are intelligent and driven and inspire their peers to be as well. In everything from tackling the most challenging problems to deducing the truth in board games over lunch, the Rubikrew never stop adapting and improvising to overcome anything that comes their way.

    - Chris Leung, Intern 2017

  • My reason for an unforgettable co-op term at Rubikloud is threefold: the unlimited exciting learning opportunities, being surrounded by a group of genuine, motivated, and intelligent people, and the sweet work-life balance (AKA catered lunches)!!"

    - Connie Zhang, Intern 2017

  • Returning to Rubikloud was an easy decision because of the positive, goal-oriented atmosphere where each of the Rubikrew contribute to a productive and balanced workplace!

    - Bradley Whitlock, Returning Intern 2017

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Careers at Rubikloud

If you don’t see any postings that match your skills, but feel your goals and motivations are aligned with ours, please email your resume or cover letter to

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Learn what it's like to be part of the #Rubikrew! check out our newly launched Culture Code!