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Capitalize on your data to uncover actionable insights

Uncover Insights About your Business

Rubikloud’s AI-driven Insights Engine helps Demand Planners, Account Managers and Brand Managers develop plans to grow their business by providing deep, post-event analytics regarding:

Promotion Lift
Cross-Product Effects
Price Elasticity
New SKU performance
Secondary Placement
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Forecast Accuracy

Harness the power of AI to intelligently predict demand

Improve your Forecast Accuracy

Rubikloud’s AI Demand Forecasting Engine helps Planners improve both short and long-term forecast accuracy to better manage inventory and supply chain.

DC-Customer-SKU Level
Baseline and Incremental
Brand / Category Level
Weekly Breakdown
S&OP Process
Future Planning (12 months+)
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Trade Promotion Optimization

Leverage AI to optimize promotion plans

Optimize Promotion Effectiveness

Rubikloud’s AI Promo Optimization Engine helps Demand Planners and Sales Teams consider factors such as seasonality, halo effects, cannibalization, and trade spend to plan for more effective promotions.

Promotion recommendations
Constraint-based planning
Trade Spend Impacts
Scenario-based forecasting
Unit and $ Optimization
Margin Impacts

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Our expandable solutions ingest data from all your raw sources and quickly converts it into a clean, usable data model. This removes the onus from internal resources and allows for seamless integration back into your legacy systems.


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Our proven solutions are deployment ready, no need for costly custom builds or lengthy sessions that never lead to anything tangible. This approach delivers the fastest time to value on the market while optimizing total cost of ownership.


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Using our best-in-class, industry specific Machine Learning expertise, we tackle the most complex and nuanced business challenges uniquely impacting retailers.

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