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Retail is going through a global transformation that is rooted in changing customer behaviour and expectations. Rubikloud’s solutions empower retailers with AI and Machine Learning to manage these challenges, driving better strategic decision making and powerful results. Join us at Shoptalk to learn how our solutions improve supply chain, pricing, promotion, assortment, and loyalty management business processes.

Schedule a meeting with a Rubikloud representative, using the button below, to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you leverage AI to solve your unique business challenges. We look forward to seeing you in Vegas!

Our Solutions

Price & Promotion Manager
Do you want to increase forecast accuracy by 30%? Rubikloud’s Price & Promotion Manager solution streamlines the promotion process and uses artificial intelligence to test and optimize potential promotions. It provides metrics such as promotion lift, price elasticity, residual basket value, item importance, and customer-centric data for a holistic view of historical promotion effectiveness to determine overall value. Learn more about the Price & Promotion Manager solution.

Customer LifeCycle Manager
Interested in achieving an 11% increase in revenue? The consumer environment is highly dynamic, and customer behaviour is inherently sparse and difficult to model. Our Customer LifeCycle Manager solution is equipped with an intelligent engine that uses both supervised and unsupervised artificial intelligence techniques to allow automatic insight discovery, enabling you to see the ‘hidden in plain sight’ groups of customers who have similar attributes and behaviour, discover untapped business opportunities, and optimize 1:1 objective-based activations on these groups. Learn more about the Customer LifeCycle Manager solution.

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Mike Smith

Director of Sales (US)

Erin Hochstein

Director of Communications

Phillip Gornicki

Senior Technical Product Manager



The Venetian

3355 S Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, NV