Legacy Data

Data is already being collected, we work with your existing systems. Our Machine Learning approach allows us to incorporate all kinds of data into our models, not just sales and price.

ETL / Cloud

Your data is cleaned and stored in our proprietary, industry-specific raw device mapping cloud which is efficient and cost-effective.

AI / ML / DS

Retail expertise drives questions that the AI/ML models aim to answer using an ensemble approach that automatically selects the best models to use for the situation.

Product UX / UI

Easy to use output allows users to put insights into action and augment or override when appropriate.


Data is fed back into Legacy systems and will allow the AI/ML to learn Serves petabyte-level data into the applications that need it through industry standard APIs.

Connects to Your Cloud Platform of Choice

Just a few popular platforms we integrate with

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The AI Platform Use Case

How One Client Used Our Enterprise AI Platform to Power Their Business

7 Sources

7 legacy data systems ingested into one source - including Point‑of‑Sale, Merchandising, Marketing, E⁠-⁠Commerce, CRM, Loyalty, In-Store (IOT)

+25 Months

+25 months of data ingested across multiple geographies.

38% Savings

38% estimated savings over three years compared to a traditional on-premise deployment.