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Do you want to increase your forecast accuracy by up to 30%? Rubikloud allows you to accurately predict demand and match supply, which is essential to the success of any leading Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company. With more data readily available than ever before, most CPG companies fail to accurately take into account key data sources and causal factors within the Demand Planning process. Instead, they rely on legacy systems and processes, resulting in suboptimal forecasting, highly manual processes, and millions in lost profits.

Rubikloud’s solutions empower CPG companies with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to manage these challenges, driving better strategic decision-making and powerful results.

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Our Solutions

AI Demand Forecasting
Rubikloud’s AI Demand Forecasting Engine integrates multiple first and third-party data sources, focusing on factors such as seasonality, retailer sell-thru, promotion performance, cross-product effects, and price elasticity to improve demand forecasts and support the planning process.

We can help you produce forecasts at a SKU, category, customer, distribution centre, and store-level, with greater granularity and significant accuracy improvements, while reducing a large amount of manual intervention from the Demand Planning team.

Key Highlights
• Proven demand forecast accuracy increases of up to 30% for both short- and mid-term horizons (daily, weekly, monthly, 3-24 months out, etc.)
• Reduce costs from overproduction & eliminate lost sales from underproduction by up to 25%
• Enable more profitable promotion and customer negotiation strategies
• Reduce time spent on planning by up to 50%
• Fill missing data gaps and understand relationships between data, such as cannibalization and halo effects, which are typically not visible to traditional demand forecasting models

Other Solutions
Click to learn about our retail merchandise planning solution, Price and Promotion Manager, and our personalized marketing solution, Customer LifeCycle Manager.

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Mike Smith

VP, US Sales

Kerry Liu


Samir Ahuja


Mike Smith

VP Sales, US

Carl Venter

VP Sales, EMEA

Brian MacMahon

Director of Sales Engineering



The Broadmoor

1 Lake Avenue

Colorado Springs, CO