Rubikloud and Joyent Join Forces

Posted in Rubikloud Announcements
By Laura Leslie on July 10, 2014

This past January we set out to find the perfect cloud provider for our platform. In previous months we had been provided services from Amazon, and then eventually through the BizSpark program we were given a credit that allowed us to explore other options. With that credit we decided to go the Microsoft route and chose Azure services.

The journey in pursuit of the perfect cloud offering doesn’t come without its storms. As such, after doing some basic benchmarking within our primary database, some discrepancies were uncovered. The higher than average volume of data we planned to ingest with our current customers was leading to extensive bottlenecking within Azure.

Performance testing showed the average I/O was around 12,000 writes per second – which was considered low and was often inconsistent. Seeking a more efficient system, the Rubikrew began the next leg of our search.

We briefly considered buying and hosting our own gear, but the upfront costs were far too high. We evaluated a cloud provider here in Toronto, and SoftLayer by IBM. Amazon was also reconsidered and being a major player in the industry, they were able to offer a competitively priced solution, but it wasn’t quite what we were looking for in entirety. However, there were still features within the EC2 stack that were valuable to us and ultimately features we decided to keep. But overall, when all was said and done, Joyent was a clear winner.

Joyent prevailed for several reasons, but the most important was SmartOS because of its ability to reduce the layer of complexity between the bare metal and the virtual machine. Essentially by having those two systems speak directly to each other, they were able to drastically decrease the bottleneck and more adequately meet our needs as a big data company. They also offered over 90,000 writes per second, which blew our last provider out of the water.

CPO and Co-Founder of Rubikloud, Dan Theirl, is an active member of Joyent’s TAB (Technology Advisor Board), and as such he was able to easily illuminate details of our mutually beneficial partnership.

“We are able to capitalize on their high performance cloud solution, while Joyent is sharing in the technical journey of an innovative partner. We are helping push their technology and infrastructure further while providing open feedback. We are also evangelists in Toronto and the big data community at large”.

Joyent enables us to provide a retail intelligence platform for our customers by delivering reliability and performance as we scale our business.