Announcement: Data Science Seminars

At Rubikloud we’re big fans of learning (and not just the machine kind)! Since our company revolves around all things data, we’ve organized a seminar series about just that: data science. Its purpose is to encourage anyone and everyone to learn more about data and how to use it. These seminars are open to the whole company and cover topics ranging from basic data manipulation with SQL and pandas DataFrames to more advanced ones like gradient boosted trees. Instead of just sharing this knowledge internally, we’ve decided to open it up to anyone who’s interested by posting videos and slides of these presentations up on the web.

The first video we’ll be posting is by the super talented Byron Fung, a member of our Product Development & Analytics team. Since a large part of what we do relies heavily on relational data, he’s prepared an awesome seminar video on how to use more advanced PostgreSQL functions and operators. So jump on over, feel free to leave your feedback and comments and stay tuned for more!

Watch Byron’s seminar: Rubikloud Data Science Seminars: Advanced PostgreSQL Functions and Operators

Oh and by the way, our company has a diverse technical team with an even more diverse skill set to match so we’re always excited to share what we know. If you’re interested in data and learning (machine or otherwise) consider joining our motley crew of data geeks by checking: //