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Are we interacting with each customer differently according to their preferences, in a way that maximizes their spend?


Customer LifeCycle Manager allows you to increase customer engagement by leveraging various machine learning capabilities, such as product and offer recommenders and churn predictors, in order to create true 1:1 communications, that optimize for various business objectives such as maximizing the customer lifetime value, taking into consideration what every single customer responds to.



Customer Touchpoints

With Customer LifeCycle Manager, users can now offer personalized campaigns through email, clienteling, direct mail, SMS and site search.

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Product Recommenders
Offer Recommenders
Churn Predictors
1:1 Customer Personalization
Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

Are we basing CRM decisions on all customer signals across all channels, both owned and non-owned?


Customers expect retailers to know them on an individual level. Using Customer LifeCycle Manager's data unification and profiling capabilities, and our Enterprise AI platform, retailers are able to monitor their customers from one central hub that is aware of all available various execution channels, leading to creating personalized experiences based on purchase history, browsing behaviour, behaviour of similar customers, or any source of data that provides insights to customer behaviour.

Return on Investment

+ X

increase in incremental sales

Using predictive targeting for response rate and relevancy; combined with personalized content recommendations Customer LifeCycle Manager increased incremental sales, total customer touchpoints, and volume of personalized content by more than 5X.

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Data Unification & Customer Profiling
Execution Channel Integration
Personalized Experience Building

Can you easily and automatically segment your customers into meaningful and actionable groups?


The consumer environment is highly-dynamic, and customer behaviour is inherently sparse and difficult to model. Customer LifeCycle Manager is equipped with an intelligent engine that uses both supervised and unsupervised artificial intelligence techniques to allow automatic insight discovery, allowing you to see the ‘hidden in plain sight’ groups of customers who have similar attributes and behaviour, discover untapped business opportunities, and realize 1:1 objective-based activation on these groups.

Return on Investment


revenue uplift

Over 20 months, Customer LifeCycle Manager drove $11.6M in additional loyalty revenue as measured by industry standard control testing methodology.

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Supervised / Unsupervised Artificial Intelligence
Automatic Insight Discovery
Hidden Customer Segment Opportunities

Connects to Marketing Automation Systems and Data Management Platforms

Just a few popular marketing automation systems we integrate with

Customer LifeCycle Manager Modules

Mix and Match Modules to Build a Solution that Generates the Greatest Return on Investment


  • Segment your customer base along different dimensions and get insights as to how you can grow spend and improve ROI, and track how these segments change over time.
  • Understand your customers' journeys and the different stages they go through in terms of spend or your loyalty program.
  • Track how your programs and campaigns are doing and measure their performance.


  • Self-serve access to Customer and Campaign Management.
  • Leverage various machine learning capabilities, such as product and offer recommenders and churn predictors, in order to create true 1:1 communication.
  • Ability to set business rules and constraints by customer segments, product categories and more.


  • Leverage the power of AI to get prescriptive advice as to how you can plan your future customer communication to see certain behaviour.