Rubikloud Selects Microsoft Azure as the Preferred Platform to Bring Machine Learning to Retail Customers

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TORONTO, April 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Rubikloud™, the machine intelligence platform turning omni-channel retailers into modern data-driven innovators, today announced it has selected Microsoft Azure as the preferred platform to power its retail-focused machine learning products. This announcement is significant because it is bringing terabytes of insightful data to Azure from enterprise customers using Rubikloud’s Rubicore platform, Customer LifeCycle Manager and Promotion Manager products.

This announcement also falls on the heels of Rubikloud’s decision to deploy Azure for its existing partnership with A.S. Watson Group (ASW), the largest international health and beauty retailer in Asia and Europe. Following successful implementation of Azure for A.S. Watson, Rubikloud selected Azure as a preferred platform for future enterprise retail customers given Azure’s flexibility and support in managing hundreds of terabytes of retail data. Rubikloud’s packaged cloud-based products have extracted and integrated hundreds of terabytes of data from its retail customers’ legacy systems, unlocking astonishing efficiency for merchandising, loyalty programs, dynamic pricing, stock-out reduction, and more.

“We’re at the tipping point for machine learning applications for retailers, and the catalyst to this adoption is elastic cloud computing,” said Kerry Liu, Rubikloud CEO. “We chose Microsoft Azure as the preferred platform because we are processing more data than everyone in the retail industry except Walmart and Amazon. With Azure, we can connect a retailer’s legacy systems to Rubikloud’s products in weeks, ultimately integrating Azure into the retail ecosystem globally.”

Brendan O’Meara, senior director of Worldwide Retail at Microsoft Corp. added, “Rubikloud’s machine learning solutions are a powerful way for retailers to quickly gain ROI with machine-generated campaigns that reduce cannibalization, missed cross- and up-selling opportunities, pricing errors, and more. We see huge potential for retailers to leverage machine learning to create more personalized experiences for partners.”

Rubikloud’s embedded machine learning turns retailers’ online and offline data into revenue, and Azure’s elastic cloud infrastructure helps those retailers use just the infrastructure they need, when they need it.

Rubikloud Promotion Manager offers the following advantages for retail enterprises:

  • Automatically create promotions, predict pricing, and prevent stock-outs
  • Predict how product launches will perform in market by continuously learning from market behaviors
  • Increase incremental sales by 5-10% within weeks  

Rubikloud Customer LifeCycle Manager provides the following advantages for retail enterprises:

  • Automatically create machine-generated campaigns for any channel, any individual, or any customer segment
  • Migrate customers up the lifecycle to capture more loyalty and revenue
  • Engage customers via email, SMS, direct mail, store associate app, and e-commerce based on historical preferences

About Rubikloud 
Rubikloud is a leading machine intelligence platform for retailers. Rubikloud’s big-data architecture fields retailer data from multiple sources, then cleans and processes it — making it compatible with advanced machine-learning techniques. Rubikloud employs its unrivaled data science to understand customer behaviors, ranging from product affinity and price sensitivity, to response prediction and demand forecasts. The Toronto-based company, founded by CEO Kerry Liu, currently works with over a dozen global multi-billion dollar retailers. Investors include Horizons Ventures, which manages the global technology investments of Li Ka Shing, Access Industries, and the MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund. For more information, please visit: