Promotional complexities slow retailers down, resulting in a loss of money and unhappy customers. Complexities like having countless products, endless promotion-type combinations, multiple channels to choose from, vendor trade spend to balance, and seasonality to consider all make the promotional planning process difficult to understand and predict.


Enable Promotion Manager to leverage cutting-edge machine learning capabilities to eliminate promotional complexity. Empowering you with the ability to learn, activate, and optimize promotional plans.


Enhance your promotional process. Have a clear understanding of promotional effectiveness, produce more accurate forecasts, reduce stock-outs, increase revenue, and create a happier customer.


Promotion effectiveness framework gives you a complete view into your historical performance.


Forecast the outcomes of your promotional decisions before taking in-market action.


Fine-tune your pricing and promotional strategy to unlock its full potential.

Connects to Retailer Merchandising Systems


We get that you know retail, but not necessarily AI. Learn more by scheduling a demo with our team.

We can show you how intelligent decision automation will change the way you do retail.

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