Were past promotions successful? Was the promotion worth the effort or expense?


The AI engine measures metrics such as promotion lift, price elasticity, residual basket value, item importance and customer centric data for a holistic view of historical promotion effectiveness to determine overall value.

Return on Investment


increase in forecast accuracy

3 months after deployment, the retailer saw a 30% increase in forecast accuracy.

Learn Module Features

Promotion Lift
Price Elasticity
Residual Basket Value
Item Importance
Customer-Centric View
Measures Promotion Effectiveness

Can you confidently assess the merchandise needed at the store level to minimize stock‑outs and overstocks?


Our intuitive interface allows non-technical business users to harness the power of machine learning that is fully integrated with supply chain processes. The output from our forecasting engine provides granularity by week, store, item and various promotion types and mechanics.

Return on Investment


reduction in stock-outs

31% reduction in stock-outs during heavy promotion campaigns materially improves promotion profit.

Activate Module Features

Supply Chain Integration
Takes Into Account Various Promotion Types and Mechanics
Week, Store, and Item Granularity

Is the promotion structured appropriately in order to meet the business’ goals and objectives?


Price & Promotion Manager’s Optimize module identifies the optimal price, mechanic and promotional scope to maximize various P&L objectives. Our optimization algorithms can incorporate cannibalization, cherry picking, pantry loading and missed cross-selling and upselling opportunities. The result is reducing missed dollar opportunities and minimizing promotions that attract the wrong type of customer who offers a reduced level of engagement.

Return on Investment


improvement in forecast accuracy

Customers experiences a 20% improvement in forecast accuracy.

Optimize Module Features

Optimal Price, Mechanic, and Promotion Scope
Canibalization Modeling
Cherry Picking Modeling
Pantry Loading Modeling
Cross-Sell Opportunities
Upsell Opportunities

Connects to Retailer Merchandising Systems

Just a few popular merchandising systems we integrate with

Price & Promotion Manager Modules

Mix and Match Modules to Build a Solution that Generates the Greatest Return on Investment


Price & Promotion Manager Learn module measures historical mass promotion activities and automatically generates robust recommendations to empower more intelligent promotion planning.


Price & Promotion Manager Activate module considers all available data to empower decisions through machine learning generated store level forecasts.


Price & Promotion Manager Optimize Module identifies the optimal price, mechanic and promotional scope to maximize various P&L objectives. The goal is that users will eventually be able use the system to automatically generate net new promotions and mechanics.