A pressing need to understand customer behaviour across retail touchpoints housed in disparate data sources across myriad operational systems.


Deploy RubiCore against all data sourced from operational systems. Leverage the latest in distributed computing technology and an intuitive ingestion framework to get a unified view and universal access irrespective of type and source.


The ability to execute queries and perform business-critical analysis at petabyte scale using various analytic tools.


  • Pluggable architecture enabling connectivity to multiple source data systems.
  • Highly intuitive ingestion pipelines, enabling consumption of structured and unstructured data at scale.
  • Ability to consume batch and streaming data.


  • Highly efficient and cost-effective scale out compute fabric.
  • Provides high-performance read/write data storage.
  • Ships with RDM, a vertically aligned data model.
  • Monitor the health and reliability of the system through an interactive UI.


  • Deploys the latest in distributed process frameworks and “schema-free” document models for data-intensive applications.
  • Enables machine learning at scale using a graph execution engine.
  • Industry standard API connectors (RESTful, SQL, ODBC, JDBC, etc.)

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