Off to Collingwood we go!

Posted in Rubikloud Announcements
By Kerry Liu on January 12, 2015

Welcome to Collingwood sign2014 was the year for “Rubikloud Labs.” I use the word labs because we were iterating and trying many different things with our retail customers and partners. Some of it we scrapped and some of it we have productized. We have been so fortunate to work with such large retailers, it truly helped us shape a clear path into 2015. Now that we know how much work we have to do, it’s important to take some time and “attempt” to plan some of our work. It’s shocking how few start-ups actually take the time to plan things. This modern belief that you can just iterate and experiment your way into a billion dollar business isn’t really smart. You might be able to iterate into a billion dollar idea or real traction, but you still need to plan the execution.

While I can’t disclose anything yet, we have some exciting announcements to make throughout January and February.

2015 will be a year of many changes and as usual, long sleepless nights. To kick off this year we are taking everyone on a company retreat. Are we going to Vegas? Mexico? Not quite. The next best thing…Collingwood/Blue Mountain!

Why go on a retreat into the freezing woods when you have a million other things to do in the business? I think it’s important that we make sure everyone in the company is focused towards one clear target for 2015. As we grow, I think it’s important we take the time to talk about what kind of culture and work environment we want to create. Finally, I like the idea of everyone under one roof for a few days getting to know eachother outside of the office environment.

See you all in three days!