Halting Product Engineering for a Month: Our December Data Run

Posted in Rubikloud Announcements
By Kerry Liu on February 25, 2016


Let me begin by apologizing for my lack of posts the past few months. In my defense, things have been incredibly busy and Laura has done an excellent job of creating relevant and valuable content.

December is going to be the Rubikloud “data run” month. Our entire team (including myself) will be halting new product development from an engineering perspective to spend 100% of our time diving into our data set in search of unique insights. Think about this for a second… a start-up that has emphasized shipping product since day 1, will not ship a single feature for the entire month. We feel that finding meaningful insights in the data for our customers matters more.

There are only two rules:

1) The insights must be relevant and valuable.
2) As soon as an insight is identified, it will be communicated to our customers.

Let me explain what this means and why we are doing it. The past two months have been the busiest months in our company’s history. I have spent over 50% of my time on the road working with customers and talking with investors. Our customer count has tripled but it has been exhausting. Our engineers have shipped the first version of our automated insight engine- which we have named RUDI. Our data scientists have made massive milestones in our machine learning models. We’ve added two additions to our Rubikrew family. And finally we’ve closed a couple major partnerships, which I will announce in the new year.

All of this is great, but the most important stat is the amount of data we are now processing. We are processing 20 times more data than ever before. We have access to over a decade of online, offline, and mobile retail data.

Rubikloud is a data company. We can never forget the importance of taking time out of our hectic start-up lives to do what we do best: analyze data and find value for our customers. Our mission has always been to turn retail data into revenue. We have an opportunity to find a level of insight that few large corporations have ever had the chance to accomplish.

I’m excited and this is why our entire team will be taken off product development for December and focused on finding data insights. We’ve broken everyone into small teams and are calling it our December data run. Stay tuned.