Insider View into the Product Team of a Startup

Posted in Rubikloud Announcements
By Dan Theirl on September 4, 2014

Designing, building and marketing a product in the startup world is a very different process than that of a mature business. There are similarities, but the approach has to deviate from the norm for a  startup to succeed. Yes, a larger company can implement agile methodologies, short-term sprints and goal oriented product roadmaps, but startup based product teams must be able embrace change at a much faster pace in order achieve maximum velocity.

Startup teams are confined by two things: time and money. Some luckier large companies have ample amounts of both, other companies have plenty of money but not enough time so they outsource as much as possible. While other companies have plenty of time to develop the perfect product, but lack enough budget to accelerate the development. The reality with startups is that once a direction for the company is set, most product teams only have 3 months to execute a fairly complex and new product.

Another major difference is the intangible emotional investment the team forms when designing and building the product. There are many long days and late hours obsessing over a particular function or feature. I have only seen this type of dedication and focus from startup teams. The “do whatever it takes until 2am drive” that a startup team must have in order to hit their deadlines.

I am proud to be part of such a brilliant and passionate startup team here at Rubikloud and executing on the next generation of analytics for retailers. I cannot say enough about how our team has performed and conquered every challenge we have faced.