Marketing Hustle & Talent- Welcome Laura!

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By Kerry Liu on July 7, 2014

For those of you who have been following Rubikloud we have always taken a pretty low key and “stealthy” approach towards our marketing and content. This was for a variety of reasons (busy working on product market fit, working with early customers, hiring, etc etc). While we are still heads down focused on product and customer development, we felt it was finally appropriate to introduce some much needed public energy.

So let me introduce Laura Leslie- our exciting new marketing and content coordinator. I won’t use this post to go into details about what she will be doing, but let me share a simple story. She brings a strong background in both content writing, sales, marketing, and recruitment.

At Rubikloud we put every candidate through an actual exercise. While easy for engineering hires, this was a little more difficult for marketing and content.. I’m a big believer that every successful non-engineer at a start-up should demonstrate the ability to “hustle.” We asked Laura to research a very broad question that had no obvious answer. The question was along the lines of

“How much do retailers pay for this type of enterprise software”

Here’s what Laura did:

– researched as much as she possibly could online by learning the different vendors, players, and dependencies in the market

– pretended to be a potential end customer and called actual software sales reps to get real quotes on pricing. This even included jumping onto calls with their sales reps and answering questions about her “mock business.”

– went through her network and met people who have had experience purchasing this type of software.

Next time I have to price something for a prospective customer, I can confidently predict what they are already paying.

In the start-up world everything that helps tell your story is a form of marketing. Being creative and learning fast are the only things that matter.

Welcome to the team Laura.