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By Laura Leslie on June 17, 2015

the user interface of the platform-RUDI on a laptop

Last week at Rubikloud we released version 1 of our RUDI platform.

Let’s face it the way we use analytics has not evolved in ten years . We blindly stare at historical or in the rare case customized reports that try to glean insights in limited datasets.

Over the coming months you are going to hear us talk a lot about push analytics, RUDI is our first product to focus on that.


RUDI is our retail intelligence platform that assists retailers in finding and acting on the most important insights available from their data. These insights typically fall into the categories of marketing channels, customer segments, geographical insights, and many more.

All our customers have to do is connect their web data and a few automated feeds directly to the RUDI system to get up and running. Each time the page loads, information is sent to us, where we then aggregate, cleanse and store the data in order to perform analysis on it.

The data is saved in multiple layers from multiple sources. The process can sometimes be difficult when the data is coming from disparate sources, but that is why we let RUDI do all the heavy lifting, so our customers don’t have to. Once the rigorous normalizing process takes place in the backend that data is then ready to be analyzed.

RUDI has two sides to it. It is constantly aggregating data from the customer’s site, which produces different views, slices and ways to look at the data and make it accessible for analysis. Step 2 is where the in depth analysis takes place. RUDI looks at historical data to offer insights around: Revenue conversion rate, average order value, website traffic, category and brand analysis and individual product information.

The type of analysis that RUDI is capable of often requires in-house teams of Business Analyst and Data Scientists working around the clock to accomplish. Their insights are not automated, and are usually focused around merely identifying what the data says, not how to use it to a retailer’s advantage. Rubikloud wants to monetize retailer’s data, by recognizing the sheer value within it, and using it to increase revenue within their organization.

In less than month, RUDI version 2 will be ready. We have new and exciting features to share with our customers that will make using RUDI even better! Stay Tuned