The Sweet Spot of Start-Up Life

Posted in Rubikloud Announcements
By Kerry Liu on January 22, 2014

Let me begin by apologizing for the two month “MIA.” There really is no excuse, and our team is going to become better at producing regular content. Connecting with our target audiences is an important value for Rubikloud, so please consider this the official “re-launch” of our blog.

So what have we been doing over the past two months?

 To put it simply: HIRING AND BUILDING.

This is important because just because building a world-class team doesn’t doesn’t mean they will be productive.

 This brings me to my main point. For a team to efficiently build a product, every employee has to be in their sweet spot.  During critical times of company and product development, it’s important everyone is working at full capacity.

 So what does that mean for Rubikloud? It means:

  • Our data scientists are working closely with our customers to identify the trends they care about, and then focusing on building the predictive models.
  • Our back end engineers are stress testing and ensuring our platform is 100% production ready before we launch in March.
  • Our UI/UX engineers and designers are in a constant feedback loop with both the internal team and customers.
  • Our CEO is finding the right business and revenue model and getting as many customers lined up for the launch as possible.
  • Our Director of Finance & Ops is making sure we have scalable internal processes, strong financial forecasting, and are ahead of the game for tax, financial reporting and government programs.

Sometimes, start-ups get a “romanticized” reputation. People who are not in the day-to-day grind thinks everyone at a start-up sits around pontificating about the future, playing ping pong, and writing mock code on white boards.

 While that does happen on a regular basis (and it’s awesome), this is not what makes a start-up exciting.

 A start-up is exciting when everyone is performing using a perfect combination of passion and skill.

 A start-up is exciting when your data scientist finally gets a predictive model to work with the visualization, which puts a huge smile on the customer’s face.

 A start-up is exciting when you finally get consensus on how customers are going to pay for your product or get that first signed contract.

For all of this to happen in such a short time frame, everyone has to be in their sweet spot. While 95% of our hiring is done for the time being, we are always interested in meeting passionate and intelligent people. If you are interested in Rubikloud, feel free to reach out to us online and set up a coffee!