We are Launching RUDI!

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By Dan Theirl on October 2, 2015


It’s time to share the amazing work and progress the Rubikloud team made on our platform! Check out our new video here.

Today Rubikloud is launching an end-to-end retail intelligence platform, named RUDI, that will transform the retail landscape forever. No longer will multi-channel retailers need expensive long-term multi-year Big Data projects. No longer will retailers need to overhaul legacy systems to execute customer-centric experiences. No longer will retailers need to rely on teams of consultants and custom software providers. Retailers simply need to work with Rubikloud.

Our team of brilliant software engineers and data scientists developed a platform built upon the latest Big Data technologies and machine learning models to deliver on the promise of 1:1 customer experiences. Our system ingests large streams of data from offline POS systems, CRM, mobile, online and external data into a single system to discover game-changing insights. Our data scientists are able to build the best-fitting models to predict what each shopper wants, when, where and at what price. Our team works closely with each retailer to ensure proper execution across all channels of the ideal promotion mix. The system outputs recommendations for existing mass promotions as well as offers new 1:1 personalized offers.

Beta customers are already seeing a large benefit in overall lift and most importantly margin protection compared to traditional mass promotion tactics. The margin protection enables them to grow market share and beat back stiff competition. The personalized experience improves their customer satisfaction and loyalty substantially. Rubikloud helped large ‘product and price’ retailers in the health and beauty space transform into customer-centric retailers.

It’s time for retailers to realize the big benefits of Big Data by working with the Rubikloud team. Big Data does not need an IT overhaul, big budget and 5 years before insights and ROI become realized. If you’re interesting in learning more, email us at sales@rubikloud.com.