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By Dan Theirl on November 3, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for visiting Rubikloud’s Official Blog.  You will never guess what I discovered yesterday.. we have the capacity to process over a 1 million events per second through our real-time engine and this is just the beginning as we begin the process of scaling our infrastructure.  Amazing how distributed computing has allowed for these advancements.  By virtually separating compute resources from memory and storage, distributed computing has now fully taken us into the Age of the Cloud.  Cloud computing is one technology recently that has lived up to it’s promise.  It empowers almost every app on your phone and enables a completely new distribution model for enterprise software.  I remember helping out one summer in a corporate IT department and scrambling to update, patch and scan the entire 1,000 computer based office after the network was hit with a major virus.  No longer do IT departments need to patch each individual machine, now even antivirus software is in the ‘Cloud’.  Even our email server for better or worse is powered by distributed computing.  I relish the efficiency, but also the power of this ingenious use of on-demand compute resources.  The Rubikloud blog will discuss many technical and industry topics as we begin the journey of pushing cloud and big data technologies to the limit.  Thank you for coming along for the journey, I’m excited to see where the next 10 years takes us.