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By Erika Szoboszlai on July 4, 2019

Summer is finally here in Toronto! This means our Rubikrew get to enjoy the perk of having our office right near the waterfront. Because of this, we’ve implemented a walking initiative every second Thursday during lunch to get ourselves moving, squeeze in some exercise, and breathe in some fresh air. But that’s not the only wellness initiative we have participated in…

Here at Rubikloud, we prioritize health and well-being

In fact, one of our culture code pillars states that Rubikloud “will support and respect you living a meaningful life”. We try our very best to implement this into all of the mental and physical wellness initiatives that we run.

This year, we have made it our mission to provide all sorts of wellness activities and resources to keep our Rubikrew living a meaningful life. 

Starting in January, our awesome People team created a poster board during Bell Let’s Talk that included stickers where we wrote appreciation notes for fellow Rubikrew, fostering comradery, employee appreciation and friendship.

Following that, in April we took part in “Spring into Wellness Month” where our Rubikrew received outdoor safety tips and learned:

  • Safety tips for camping such as what insects and plants to be aware of
  • Things to keep in mind when swimming and a reminder to always wear sunscreen, 
  • Tips on bike safety and so much more! 

We also participated in morning and lunch yoga sessions at the office and had the opportunity to receive RMT massages at our desk or in a board room. On April 22nd the Rubikrew celebrated Earth Day, and were reminded to use less electricity, eat from reusable plates with reusable cutlery, and recycle properly wherever possible. Check out the blog post our Marketing team wrote to raise awareness for the impact that plastic and food waste have on the environment! 

May was “Mental Health Month”. Our Rubikrew participated in League’s “Wellbeing Challenge” that focused on achieving goals such as identifying life stressors, fostering positive relationships, and practicing self-care. Our People team also put on a RubiSkool on the importance of mental health first aid, followed by the opportunity to take part in a couple of meditation sessions brought to us by Headspace.

female Rubikloud employees presenting on mental first aid

As the summer months started approaching, June introduced the summer wellness initiative, “Fun in the Sun”, and Rubikrew were encouraged to go outside, get moving, and received helpful tips on how to stay safe in the heat of the summer:

  • Exercise when it is cooler outside
  • Reduce your pace and intensity on days that are hotter or more humid
  • Hydrate appropriately

On June 3rd we celebrated World Bicycle Day, and Rubikrew who ride their bike into work every day gathered outside our office for a picture by the lake.

members of Rubikloud with their bikes outside by the lake

Now that July is upon us, Rubikloud has not stopped the wellness train. Drum roll, please…

Rubikloud is teaming up with SWAT Health, the all-encompassing health facility on the ground floor of our building! They are a community-driven health and wellness company, providing a workout space, RMT massages, chiropractic therapy, naturopath services, acupuncture, and more. As a partner with SWAT Health, Rubikloud will benefit from monthly lunch and learns from their professional staff, 15% off their wellness services, and discounts on group fitness classes. Sign me up!

We’re excited for our Rubikrew to take advantage of this partnership, and keep physical and mental health and well-being at the forefront of our culture.

If you would like to learn more about Rubikloud and what we do, visit our website, and if this sounds like a place you see yourself working at, we are always looking for brilliant future Rubikrew just like you!

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