Humans of Rubikloud – Betty Zhang

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By Pallavi Singh on July 9, 2019

This is Betty Zhang.

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Betty is a data scientist extraordinaire. At Rubikloud, she builds machine learning models for retailers and works with different teams like Engineering, Client Solutions, Analytics and the Data Science (DS) team. Fun fact: Betty actually started at Rubikloud on the Analytics team and worked with various clients on different analytical requests. She realized she had an interest in data science and wanted to transition her focus. She expressed her interest to the DS team and together, they came up with a two-fold transition plan: (1) start developing her technical skills and (2) give her DS-related projects to develop her work experience. By taking various online courses and working with the DS team for almost a year, she was able to laterally move from Analytics to DS. 

Betty loves her team because their backgrounds and knowledge are diverse, and she appreciates the great insight and help they provide her with. We asked Betty to describe herself in a few words, and she said friendly, curious, and resilient. We think she can also add being self-aware to the list – now those words describe her perfectly. Betty is very social, outgoing, always has a smile on her face, and never fails to say hello. Betty’s favourite book is the Republic by Plato. She loves it because it raises a lot of interesting questions and appreciates the methods that it uses to address those questions. 

It’s no surprise that Betty’s transition from Analytics to DS was so smooth – she is adaptable, agile, and a brilliant addition to Rubikloud. Betty is also an avid traveller. She has been to more than 20 countries and has no plans to stop any time soon. Betty was born in China and moved to Canada when she was 13 years old. She has also lived in the UK for a school exchange and took the opportunity to travel around Europe. Are you as impressed with Betty as we are? 

Betty is an awesome human. If you want to work with Betty, we are always looking for more talented people, just like you. Next step: check out our Careers page!

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