Humans of Rubikloud – Boon-Hau Teh

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By Erika Szoboszlai on May 6, 2019

This is Boon-Hau Teh.

Humans of Rubikloud - Boon-Hau Teh

Boon is all about product engineering. He leads an impressive team of engineers across multiple disciplines – from front-end-development to back-end-development, to data pipelining, QA, and technical support. They are essentially responsible for the development and shipment of Rubikloud’s core products. Pheww. They clearly know their stuff. When not in front of their monitors, you can also find the team enthusiastically playing board games in the lounge during lunch time.

Boon’s favourite quote is, “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart” by Eleanor Roosevelt. To us, this makes perfect sense. If you knew Boon, it would make sense too. He is empathetic – a word he used to describe himself – he’s also very friendly, outgoing, smart, and hardworking.

When I asked Boon about what brand or retailer he respects the most, he said IKEA. “On top of having affordable products”, he said “they put a lot of thought into the shopping experience.  This includes the display sections and walking experience, plus providing kid-friendly play areas and a food court. They really seem to understand their shoppers and have built up a strong community around it. They are also proud supporters of equal rights.” Now do you see why his quote makes perfect sense? The empathy is just shining through!

Boon is a man of many talents. He spends his free time participating in activities such as archery, motorcycling, swimming and most importantly, playing with his cat. He is also a musician. Boon is classically trained in violin and self-taught in other instruments (he sometimes serenades us with his guitar during lunch). I also happen to know that he’s an amazing breakdancer, I’ve seen his skills in action.

Boon is also a well-travelled human. Through his travels, he not only had the opportunity to experience new cultures, sightsee and eat all of the yummy food, but it’s also where he gained a good chunk of his work experience. He lived in Japan for 6 months for a Software Engineering internship with Sanyo in Osaka, conveniently close to his grandmother. And then had the opportunity to work with Facebook for 6 months in San Francisco. And then lived in Singapore for just over a month for a project with Ford, where he got to spend time with his relatives and enjoy the local cuisine.

If this hasn’t inspired you to travel more, just know that he also spent some time in Germany for a project with Deutsche Telekom, near Frankfurt. It’s where he fell in love with Europe and has been travelling regularly since.

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