Humans of Rubikloud – Elias Ayoub

Posted in Rubikloud Culture
By Ron Subnath on December 18, 2018

This is Elias Ayoub.

Elias is an analytics pro. He works with a team of highly intelligent problem solvers, who also play ping pong every single day. His team is comprised of individuals with very different professional backgrounds. This is really cool because they all bring a unique approach to problem-solving. You could say that they are like a bag of good trail mix (the kind with chocolate chips) because they are each great and unique in their own right, but together they are even better.

I asked Elias to describe himself in three words and the ones he picked, perfectly sum up his personality. First, he used adventurous, which I know to be true. Elias enjoys the outdoors. He rides his bike to work almost every day. Even braving harsh Canadian winters. Elias is also friendly and critical (he is an analyst). This is helpful in his professional relationships because he works closely with several orgs.

Elias likes spending his free time doing something creative and tries to take photos, draw, and attend art classes whenever he can. He also enjoys reading, riding his bike and listening to music. He says he’s trying to find a ‘real hobby’, to that I say, why pick just one? There’s a cool drop-in painting studio by his home that he has been wanting to check out, but his adventurous spirit hasn’t taken him there just yet.

Elias recently wrote a blog post for Kernel, Rubikloud’s technical blog. He explains the role of analytics at an AI company. You should totally read it.

If you want to learn more about analytics at Rubikloud, check out “Bootstrapping Data for Significance Testing” written by Senior Data Analyst, Tawsif Khan.

We are always looking for more brilliant people, like Elias. If you are interested in a career at Rubikloud, check out our Careers page.