Humans of Rubikloud – Javier Moreno

Posted in Rubikloud Culture
By Ron Subnath on September 12, 2018

This is Javier Moreno.

Javier is the Technical Lead of the Machine Learning team in charge of models related to LifeCycle Manager, our customer personalization product. The Machine Learning team designs models and also builds software infrastructure to keep them healthy. We’re talking super complicated stuff here.

His team is comprised of careful, generous, and highly disciplined people who are happily experimenting with new machine learning techniques, solving concrete technical problems, and building complex software for machine learning products. They are also wicked smart.

Javier was born in Bogotá, Colombia, but he grew up in Lorica, a small town on the Caribbean coast where his mother was the local pediatrician. His education took him to Urbana, Illinois for graduate school. Fun fact: Nick Offerman is also an alum! Javier also lived in Leeds, England, where he briefly worked as a researcher, and then he spent some time in Barcelona, Spain. He held a postdoctoral position in Lyon, France, where he frequented the infamous bouchons at a very unhealthy rate. Then Javier set his sights on Canada and he moved to London, Ontario. He and his family now call Toronto home, and we feel lucky because he is one cool human.

Javier has always wanted to be (and still aspires to be) a storyteller. His infectious enthusiasm often gathers crowds when explaining complicated machine learning models to other Rubikrew (that’s what we call ourselves, learn more of our Rubi-isms by checking out our Culture Code). This is because Javier used to be a teacher. Impressive, right? According to Javier, teaching was one of his favourite experiences from his time in academia. It shaped the way he works as an engineer now much more than the knowledge and skills he acquired while training as a mathematician. He thinks that teaching prepares you for the challenges of communicating complex ideas to diverse groups of people, as well as understanding their needs and requirements. Javier may not know it yet, but he is living his dream: he IS an amazing storyteller.

Javier would like to have superpowers like Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen. Except he would prefer to not be blue. And maybe not resulting from a terrible nuclear accident. But he would definitely want to be able to exist in different moments of time simultaneously and, somehow, also not exist at the same time. Obviously.

Javier recently wrote a blog post explaining the Mondrian Process which appeared on Rubikloud’s technical blog, Kernel. You should definitely read it.

We are always looking for more brilliant people, like Javier. If you are interested in a career at Rubikloud, check out our Careers page.