Humans of Rubikloud – Tawsif Khan

Posted in Rubikloud Culture
By Ron Subnath on August 9, 2018

Meet Tawsif Khan.

Tawsif is a Data Analyst at Rubikloud, although he wanted to be a pilot when he was a child. We think he’s soaring with his role in the AI field. See what we did there? Tawsif spends the majority of his time developing analytical methodologies that answer important business questions for the users of Rubikloud’s software. He also supports the product implementation process and he prototypes new product features.

Tawsif works with a group of intelligent, fun, and caring people, who love to collaborate, share ideas, and sporadically engage in philosophical discussions.

When he’s not innovating Rubikloud’s software products with his cutting-edge code, Tawsif enjoys spending his free time at coffee shops, reading or writing code recreationally. Really. He actually spends his spare time coding. Tawsif really is a rock star.

Tawsif recently wrote a blog post for Kernel, Rubikloud’s technical blog. He explains how to solve a commonly faced issue when testing for significance using the bootstrapping method.

We are always looking for more brilliant people, like Tawsif. If you are interested in a career at Rubikloud, check out our Careers page.