Unlocking the true potential of big data and machine learning requires an intuitive and vertically integrated toolkit.


Deploy RubiOne on a cloud-hosted infrastructure and access Rubikloud’s library of retail-specific models and frameworks. Enhance and augment existing data science prowess with a robust suite of pre-built models. Automate a best in class pipeline and deploy to production.


Double-digit improvements in prediction accuracy, speed of execution, and most importantly, measuring the impact on business success.


  • Pluggable architecture enabling connectivity to multiple source data systems.
  • Highly intuitive ingestion pipelines, enabling consumption of structured and unstructured data at scale.
  • Ability to consume batch and streaming data.


  • Highly efficient and cost-effective scale out compute fabric.
  • Provides high-performance read/write data storage.
  • Ships with RDM, a vertically aligned data model.
  • Monitor the health and reliability of the system through an interactive UI.


  • Deploys the latest in distributed process frameworks and “schema-free” document models for data-intensive applications.
  • Enables machine learning at scale using a graph execution engine.
  • Industry standard API connectors (RESTful, SQL, ODBC, JDBC, etc.)


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